The DecanoniZine

Authors: Andie Thompson, Ali Lape, Rene Burk, Mariana Ribeiro, Nadia English-Williams, Ana Carolina de Assis Nunes, Erin Peiffer, and Makaela O’Rourke.

[Footnotes is very pleased to present The DecanoniZine, the final project of Theory of Culture, a core course in the Applied Anthropology graduate program at Oregon State University. The DecanoniZine follows in the steps of the Decanonizing Anthropology syllabus created by graduate students-teachers during the Theory of Culture seminar the previous year, which was adapted into a guest post on Footnotes in early 2019. The DecanoniZine syllabus reflects coursework carried out in-person, before COVID19, but the Zine form can be easily adapted for remote pedagogies. To learn more about Zines, their making, lesson plans, and access to an impressive archive, check out the  “Zine Library” at Barnard College.]

The DecononiZine can be viewed or downloaded as a PDF here.

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