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Dear Friends of Footnotes, In a few months, Footnotes will celebrate its second anniversary, and we’ve been through a lot in the past couple of years. Of course, the project was launched just WEEKS before the news about the abuse and misconduct at HAU broke–a conversation that many Footnotes’ editors have been involved in since […]

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Love will tear us apart

I can’t believe I’m having to write this, a matter of days after I finished editing and publishing something I felt proud about – my first public anthropology writing. But, no I absolutely do not believe it’s ok to fuck your students. Voices stronger and more grounded than I have expressed the issues with queer […]

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All you need is love…

In her two part article Envisioning Theory: An Anthropological Teaching Experiment, Dr Stefanie Mauksch narrates the pedagogical experiments that she and her co-teacher Dr Friederike Eichner. These experiments were explored in their undergraduate seminar “anthropology of the body, kinship, and gender.” Mauksch’s project is to examine how “embracing bodiness might affect (her) pedagogy.” Her work […]

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That’s Enough about Tim Ingold!: A Millennial’s Response

[This post is adapted and updated from a paper presented at the University of Colorado, Boulder graduate student conference, “The Ethnographic Turn” in 2016. I am indebted to Audra Simpson for her thoughtful feedback. The text is accompanied by embedded Instagram photographs from my ongoing dissertation research.] Multimodal Ramadan. Medina, Dakar, #Senegal. 2017. Olympus EM10ii. […]

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Diasporic Fields of Belonging

I collect stories about U.S. anthropology graduate training experience from racially minoritized individuals across color lines and borders. I document these narratives emerging from this broad collective and yet dispersed diasporic group in a hope to find collaborative strategies for equitable anthropology graduate training. I do so through via web-video interviews (such as Skype and […]

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