The DecanoniZine

Authors: Andie Thompson, Ali Lape, Rene Burk, Mariana Ribeiro, Nadia English-Williams, Ana Carolina de Assis Nunes, Erin Peiffer, and Makaela O’Rourke. [Footnotes is very pleased to present The DecanoniZine, the final project of Theory of Culture, a core course in the Applied Anthropology graduate program at Oregon State University. The DecanoniZine follows in the steps of the Decanonizing […]

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Decanonizing Anthropology

Reworking the History of Social Theory for 21st Century Anthropology: A Syllabus Project Authors: Rebecca Renee Buell, Samuel Burns, Zhuo Chen, Lisa Grabinsky, Argenis Hurtado Moreno, Katherine Stanton, Froggi VanRiper, Loren White [Footnotes is very pleased to present the Decanonizing Anthropology syllabus project. This syllabus was assembled collectively as a final project of the graduate […]

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